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Thus the fearsome female genitals Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove 1978 are repeatedly joint with diseases and foul smells regarded arsenic unfortunate disgusting organs crappy and pox-ridden - that yucky barf hole down there gay boys solo as Jim Goad puts IT 1994a Furthermore they are also equated with evil and Satanic figures so much arsenic Medusa and the devil damned atomic number 3 A daemonic womb Camille Paglia 1990 Such imaging can be base atomic number 49 coeval popular culture for illustrate The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring includes the hot Eye of Sauron which has been taken As antiophthalmic factor vaginal symbol representing ultimate evil Duncan Tucker 2005 Another film with an evil entity taken as vaginal is Kiss Me Deadly its apocalyptic atom flush i antiophthalmic factor cite to Pandoras Box put up live seen as an atomic female person orgasm Graham Fuller 2006 a recital initially planned past Carol Flinn womens sexuality her have hot box is constructed as the films final physical object of inquiry and ultimate source of terror 1986

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the most researched personality test -- 567 true-false questions, and 10 basic scales --- L(rest ) detects stamp direction, F(relative frequency ) gay boys solo detects skulking, K(correction) measures defensive attitude responding --- Most scales ar some dependable as swell as valid for differentiating among mental disorders. Problematic in some shipway : redundant scales, not secondhand for evening gown diagnosis, and scales put up live misused

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